A few months ago, I started a new pet project. I thought it would be fun to create a podcast dedicated to algorithmic music that follows the same format as a radio show!

So in collaboration with cult.honeypot.io, I created the Earth To Abigail’s Live Coding Radio podcast series. This series of interviews was a great opportunity for me to talk to artists I love about their work and creative process.

We talked about code and how it relates to music. We talked about the reality of being a live coder and what it means during the pandemic.

And we talked about some things we don’t normally talk about, like what really happens during a show that the audience doesn’t know about.

I’d love to hear your feedback on the episodes if you decide to give it a listen! We will be publishing new episodes hopefully next month.

Writer, musician, and programmer. I write personal essays about life experiences, creativity, and technology. Visit me at www.earthtoabigail.com

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